What are the Odds? with Darryl - Where Do We Stand After Our First Week?

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Sports gambling is not only one of my passions, it’s becoming increasingly mainstream in the U.S., especially after a recent Supreme Court decision to strike down a (bullshit) 1992 law that banned sports betting in most states.

I don’t know about you, but it excites me greatly that gambling will be allowed to be a part of the way we watch sports (since it’s already a big part of the way I watch sports). Regular listeners to the podcast know we often talk sports betting, and even competed in the Gambling Goats Pick’Em Pool on Twitter, run by @DonTical_Futbol.

We thought it would be fun to test our sports betting prowess by squaring off in weekly match picks. (To brush up on the basics and check out our quarter-final picks, read my Introduction to Soccer Betting Odds post).

So after picking week 1, who finished in the black? Let’s take a look and see who is off to a good start making their picks and which hosts, if any, are blowing their kids’ college funds. Are we living it up? Breaking Even? Or crying in our beers?

Week 1 Results:

Cruz Azul vs Querétaro

Cruz Azul vs Querétaro - El Three Podcast.png

We all took Cruz Azul and paid dearly.  Querétaro was able to get an equalizer in the 61st minute that Cruz Azul never got back.

Santos Laguna vs Monterrey

Santos Laguna vs Monterrey - El Three Podcast.png

Santos Laguna may have taken more shots but Monterrey put two of theirs in the back of the net in the second half to secure a trip to the semi-finals after impressively shutting out Santos over the course of 2 matches.  After being the only person to take Monterrey in this matchup, Darryl moves into first place 1-1 overall lead while Anthony and Danny fall to 0-2.

Pumas vs Tigres

Pumas vs Tigres - El Three Podcast.png

Carlos Gonzalez put Pumas ahead early in the second half but Tigres Rafael Carioca answered right back with a surprising equalizer.  Pumas proved to be too much at home for Tigres, scoring twice more in the second half to advance to the semi-finals. Anthony was the only person that took Pumas and battles back into an overall record tie with Darryl after Pumas brought home the W, while Danny falls to 0-3.

Club América vs Toluca

Club America vs Toluca - El Three Podcast.png

We all backed Club América in this matchup.  Roger Martinez helped América take an early lead in the third minute followed by a goal from Bruno Valdez. Then Toluca had to play a man down after Rodrigo Salinas was given a red card.  Club América capitalized just 5 minutes later to take a commanding 3-0 lead that eventually nearly evaporated. But alas América held on to win 3-2 and advance to the semi-finals. Finally a result that we all picked correctly and more importantly Danny gets his first pick right to avoid an 0-4 weekend.

(If you haven’t already read Anthony’s take on the Club América vs Toluca matchup, click here to read his heated feelings.

Pick Standings:

Pick Standings - El Three Podcast.png


Anthony and Darryl are tied at 2-2 overall but the odds worked in Anthony’s favor this weekend giving him a $15 lead over Darryl. Danny trails behind with a 1-3 record and will be forced to eat Top Ramen.

Quarter final matchup odds and picks:

Game 1:  Monterrey vs Cruz Azul

Game 1-  Monterrey vs Cruz Azul - El Three Podcast.png


I’m going to lean slightly with Cruz Azul but since our “money” is at stake i’m going with the draw at +195


I think Monterrey is going to score early and overwhelm Cruz Azul and win easily.  Monterrey +120


I’ve got Monterrey over Cruz Azul 2-0 going with Monterrey +120 Moneyline

Game 2:  Pumas vs Club América

Game 2-  Pumas vs Club America - El Three Podcast.png


I think America will win the series but I think Pumas will get a victory tomorrow night. Pumas +215


2-1 America.  Club America +120


I have this one finishing as a 1-1 draw taking the draw at +230

Check back later this week to see how our picks did and if we are profitable.  Good luck to you all!

Darry Lopez is the host, producer, and sound editor of the El Three Podcast. He is passionate about watching the game with a statistical bend,  and you can count on him to have something at stake on a sporting event near you.