What are the Odds? – The Final Standings

What are the Odds? – The Final Standings

We gave this feature a test drive for La Liguilla 2018 and we had great fun. Danny and Anthony each finished 6-4 and a +$400 over the Vegas Wiseguys. We will continue to track our picks in the Clausura tournament, and hopefully Danny can continue his winning ways and break Vegas!

Final Leg 2 results:

Cruz Azul vs Club América


The first half continued where the 1st leg left off: both teams were unable to put the ball in the back of the net. But six minutes into the second half, that all changed. América was finally able to break down Cruz Azul’s defense and deliver the first goal of the final, by way of Edson Alvarez. Alvarez padded his stats by adding a second goal in the 90th minute finishing his year on a high note after a disappointing start to the season. At the end of the night, Club América lifted their LigaMX record 13th trophy high.

Pick Standings:


There you have it. Danny won the inaugural What Are The Odds contest. Check back in a few weeks for the Clausura where we will continue to track our picks!

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