What are the Odds? – It All Comes Down to This

What are the Odds? – It All Comes Down to This

Well it all comes down to tonight. Anthony and Danny have secured their first and second place finish in our Pick’em Contest. They have mirrored each other’s picks throughout the last few weeks save for one savvy pick from Danny when he took a draw in the opening match of the América vs Pumas series. I thought I had them both in the first leg of the final, but ultimately Marchesin and the crossbar preserved the victory for Club América and secured a last place finish for me.


Club América vs Cruz Azul


Pick Standings:


Danny and Anthony will finish no worse than an even .500, but with a correct pick tonight can end La Liguilla looking very profitable. I’m looking at best a .500 record but could also end up as a giant loser. Onto the picks.

The Final odds and pick:

Cruz Azul vs Club América



América is going to score early and when the final whistle blows the scoreboard will read 2-1 América. América +170


Exact prediction that Danny made. América +170


Cruz Azul is a slight underdog but the majority of the betting public is backing them. As much as I think the momentum is with them, I wrote in my previous post that América has started series slow but closes them strong. One of my favorite things in sports betting is to “fade the public,” and I’m going to utilize that strategy tonight. Nervous about this one, but I think América will lift their 13th league trophy. América +170

Check back next week for the final pick standings!

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