What are the Odds? – Darryl Fights Back

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We’ve got just 2 matches left to see who will come out on top as The Lead Dog, as Anthony would put it. Yours truly entered the final weekend in last place with a 2-4 overall record and -$120 bankroll. (If you’re new to this feature, check out my Blog Archive to read up on past “What Are The Odds” posts to follow how we got here.) As a competitive man I knew I needed to make a move on the other guys but also keep pace. Lucky for me I gained some ground on both Danny and Anthony.


Cruz Azul vs Monterrey


Monterrey carried their aggregate lead through the first half but gave up the lead in the 55th minute when Milton Caraglio slipped in the series-clinching goal. Danny and Anthony took the loss in this one while I took the home team and made up some some serious ground.  

Club América vs. Pumas


Renato Ibarra got the scoring started in the 8th minute for América and Carlos Gonzalez answered in the 24th minute with a goal of his own. However after that Pumas goal it was all América the rest of the way as they cruised to a 6-1 victory and a spot in the final.

No ground was made up for me here since we all took América in this one

Pick Standings:


We’re all 4-4 since we started tracking our picks in La Liguilla. Danny maintains his first place lead with a bankroll of $96.67 while Anthony and Darryl remain hot on his tail. Will the standings change? Will anyone separate? Onto the first leg of the final picks.

Final: Leg 1 Picks and Odds:

Club América vs Cruz Azul



Taking a draw in the opening match. 1-1 draw tonight.  Draw +195


This is a tough one but going with a 2-2 draw to start this series. Draw +195


I think América will win this series but lose the opener. They’ve started each of the previous 2 series slowly and answered the bell in the final matchup at home. The difference is this one starts “at home.” Will that trend come to an end? Maybe. But if it doesn’t a slow start vs Cruz Azul could mean a loss. So I’m going for the lead. Cruz Azul +215

Check back over the weekend to see where we stand!

Darryl Lopez is the host, producer, and sound editor of the El Three Podcast. He is passionate about watching the game with a statistical bend,  and you can count on him to have something at stake on a sporting event near you.