Could Trouble be Brewing for Club América?


By Anthony Garcia


América suffered two frustrating losses this week: a wild match in Monterrey and a big injury to their roster. I began to think about América more critically. I asked myself a few questions: Is their roster deep enough to repeat as champions? Is Piojo full of himself?

América lost two key players before the start of the Clausura, yet I could argue that they have the most complete roster in Mexican futbol. América is focused on the offensive side of the ball but they are skilled throughout the roster, and benefit from having the ability to score from any position on the pitch. But after this weekend’s strange but entertaining matchup with Monterrey, they have an obvious defensive need for center backs. Emanuel Aguilar cannot be considered the long-term solution for them. The lack of depth in the center back position will be on full display if an injury occurs.

The frustrating loss to Monterrey comes on the heels of a report from earlier in the week of another setback for Menez. As a player that is likely past his prime, he has been bitten by the injury bug for years, and now unfortunately for the Frenchman his season, and possibly his career, is on the line. The injury occurred after Menez disregarded advice from the training staff to not partake in a training session, and as it turns out he will require another surgery. Piojo is not happy with Menez’s decision, and a rift may linger between the two.

Speaking of El Piojo, he has displayed an upsettingly confident attitude in the last month. Most distressing is the way he handled the Diego Lainez transfer. Some matters need to be kept quiet and handled internally. If Piojo was not happy with Lainez moving to Europe he should have worked with Diego to convince him to reconsider his timing. He instead opted to make his displeasure public, and made very disrespectful comments about Diego and his family in the process. Piojo is now publicly telling anyone who will listen, and most importantly anyone with a microphone, that he needs another striker. I would rather he not make it public that he doesn’t have faith in his players. Piojo needs to take a step back and remember that what makes him great is his reputation of being a players’ coach. That label and style has worked for him in the past by being able to get the most out of his rosters.

América may be considered the most talented team, but if they want to prove it on the pitch they have a bit of soul searching to do.

Anthony Garcia is the lead soccer analyst of the El Three Podcast. He lives for the game and is unafraid to share his passion with anyone bold enough to listen.