Keys to Victory - Club América vs Pumas


By Anthony Garcia

Estadio Azteca will be putting in some serious overtime this weekend, as it hosts yet another semi-final match between the visiting Pumas and Club América a day after Cruz Azul defeated Monterrey to advance to the 2018 Liga MX Apertura Final. Here are my keys to to victory if they hope to meet Cruz Azul in the finals next week.  

Club América

  • Crash and win the midfield. Guido is the best defensive midfield in LigaMX, but has been forced to try and attack because of the poor quality of play from the other Aguilas midfielders.

  • Move up and attack as a team. The forwards need to get better with ball possession, which will allow plays to develop. They are currently trying to force their way through the defense.


  • Find open spaces and move without the ball. They did a great job of this in the first leg and need to continue in the second leg if they hope to pull off the upset in the Azteca.

  • Remain aggressive in the box. Draw fouls and antagonize Marche. As previously mentioned he runs hot, and in a big game they can potentially exploit it to get that penalty call or red card that can help propel them to the final.

Anthony Garcia is the lead soccer analyst of the El Three Podcast. He lives for the game and is unafraid to share his passion with anyone bold enough to listen.