Keys to Victory - Club América vs Cruz Azul


by Anthony Garcia

Estadio Azteca takes center stage for this final week of the 2018 Apertura Tournament. On Sunday night a champion will be crowned. Will it be Club América adding a 13th trophy to their case or will it be Cruz Azul’s time to win their first championship since 1997? Here are my Keys to the Championship.


Cruz Azul

  • Be Patient. América has scored early in just about every playoff game and have immediately fallen back to defend to invite pressure. Cruz Azul needs to be patient and implement their offense, as space will open up if América takes the lead early.


  • Long Balls into the Box. América’s Center Backs were caught out of position several times against Pumas and Toluca. Playing long balls while the defense retreats has caught America flat footed and vulnerable.


  • Attack the Wings. Cruz Azul’s Aldrete loves to attack and can be caught out of position. Conversely América’s left back Jorge Sanchez is also very offensive-minded with a 21 year old engine in hand. Aldrete may run out of gas as the game enters the later stages.

  • Over stack the Midfield. Piojo’s series-clinching move against Pumas was overstacking the midfield by inserting Joe Corona. Cruz Azul lives and dies with Elias Hernandez: if América is able to crowd the middle, Cruz Azul’s attack will suffer.

Edge Finder

Defense - Cruz Azul

Offense -  América

Midfield - América

Goalie -  Cruz Azul

Coach - Cruz Azul

Bench - América


Should be a great final, but you all know I have to lean with América.

Anthony Garcia is the lead soccer analyst of the El Three Podcast. He lives for the game and is unafraid to share his passion with anyone bold enough to listen.