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Darryl grew up playing soccer in youth leagues, but things quickly changed when his coach moved him from the striker position to goalkeeper. In the next game during an unfortunate save, he took a ball straight to the nuts…and thereafter completely lost interest in putting his body on the line for the team. But at the end of the day, he technically has a perfect save percentage: 1 for 1.   

Even though his sports career had a painful ending, Darryl never took his finger off the pulse of all things sports. As a young man he was widely known and mocked for recording the local sports talk radio station on cassette tape. Yeah, OK, he’s kinda old…but that early passion for mixtapes and sports radio paid off. He went on to pursue a degree in Film and Multimedia and in his last year interned with a 50,000-watt sports talk radio station in San Diego, CA. 

Knowing that he is majorly influenced by the likes of Howard Stern and the Bay Area’s classic Wild 94.9 Dog House, Darryl’s podcasting style and the loose format of the El Three Podcast makes a lot more sense. 

For his day job, Darryl analyzes data for a tech company but mostly likes to use his math brain for degenerate gains.

These days, you can spot Darryl on his couch in Los Angeles drinking a beer and watching sports with his wife and dog. If he’s not there, he’s probably in a casino…and more specifically, a sports book. Get at him if you wanna talk odds. 

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Although born and raised in San Jose, CA, Anthony has a deep love and connection to his familial homeland of Mexico City. It’s no surprise then that he is a lifelong Américanista, and has watched LigaMX since (essentially) birth. 

Diverted from a promising professional soccer career due to an injury, Anthony rerouted his passion for the beautiful game by giving back to his local community: he proudly coaches the next generation of soccer stars in his area, kids ranging from ages 5 to 18.

By day, Anthony works in Silicon Valley’s tech industry…but by night, he is an expert LigaMX analyst providing the passion and deep knowledge that makes the El Three Podcast unique. 

Anthony lives in San Jose with his girlfriend and their two awesome kids. He regularly hosts fiestas in his backyard to entertain his punk ass friends. 

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Known throughout San Jose as “Downtown Danny,” Danny B is family.  If you’ve listened to El Three Podcast you know that Danny loves Tijuana and TJ loves him back. Hang out with him long enough, and you’re sure to hear about the wonders of his family’s homeland of Nayarit, Mexico…and from what we’ve heard, it’s a beautiful place!

Danny is a punk rock star at heart. He is very active in the Bay Area’s local music scene and is known to slap the bass in a band every once in awhile. If you’re new to the podcast you can hear Danny’s latest project at the end of our 15th episode where his band Kumite plays us out. 

When he is not breaking down the latest Mexican soccer news or tearing up the stages as a pop punk bassist, he teaches high school history in the Bay Area.

Along with being a diehard soccer fan he is passionate about history and la cultura, and is an active advocate for the oppressed and the voiceless. 

On the weekends you can find Danny at San Jose pubs watching soccer. He is most famously known to frequent a certain Star Wars-themed bar in the South Bay. Cheers!

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why are we doing this?

First generation mexican-americans building a community through soccer

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Spur of the moment decisions often tend to be the most fun, and the creation of the El Three Podcast is a prime example. During the summer of the 2018 World Cup, long-time friends Darryl, Anthony, and Danny got addicted to discussing soccer on a daily basis.

On one of these occasions, Darryl popped the big question: “Would you guys be down to create a LigaMX podcast in English?”  The answer was a resounding, “Maybe.” 

After a few days of jokingly talking about it, the guys each bought a mic and attacked their first episode with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.  Okay, so that didn’t actually happen. It was more like a line from one of our favorite movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall: “So, this is actually happening? We're gonna let this happen?”