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GET READY for unbridled, hard-hitting soccer analysis

The El Three Podcast works hard every week (sometimes reluctantly) to provide entertaining and in-depth English coverage of LigaMX and the Mexican National Team. While we bring full-coverage of big teams like Chivas, Club América, and Cruz Azul, if your favorite team happens to be Lobos or Veracruz, don’t sweat it…you can count on hearing about them every week, good or bad. Most likely bad.

Although we say we are unbiased, certain hosts have been known to drop a four-letter word or two before certain teams are discussed. But that’s okay! Think of us as your uncles that once upon a time played soccer and had a shot at playing pro. Okay, maybe semi-pro. But you get the idea. We encourage our listeners to enjoy an ice cold beer while listening to our show, because odds are we’re drunk while recording. The great Harry Doyle once said, ”Don’t worry, nobody’s listening anyway!”


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e3p Blog

liga mx updates, game-of-the-week deep dives, and maybe some betting odds?

Check in on the E3P Blog to catch our unfiltered thoughts on all of the latest in LigaMX. If you missed a big match or even a less anticipated one, you can count on Anthony to provide you with the week’s nitty gritty details so you can flex on even your most soccer-obsessed friends.

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